Great Days, Good Days, & Shitty Days

I haven’t written in some time.  There really hasn’t been much to write about!  Until today. 

Last week I took my first ride of 2019 going .09 of a mile.  It was still too cold, I was freezing, and that was that.

Today I rode 4.2 miles and it felt absolutely amazing.  At first I was discouraged because I needed to take a couple of rests, however, I haven’t ridden all Winter.  My strength is improving with physical therapy, however, my endurance needs work they say. 

This is what I’m excited about. There’s an app called “charity miles” where you choose a charity to ride for and they receive some financial support from your efforts, whether it be cycling, running, walking, etc. There’s many different charities to choose from and I chose Alzheimer’s Association.  I ride for my Mom and everyone else affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Mom and I yesterday.

It’s been said that a cure found for one neurodegenerative disease would most likely help find a cure for all of them.  It’s also known that while MS is inflammatory, it’s also neurodegenerative in progressive form. 

I live with Multiple Sclerosis every day.  I also live with Alzheimer’s disease every day, caring for my Mom.  If I can raise awareness about MS and Alzheimer’s disease, I’m very happy and proud to do so. 

Other than that, I have good days and great days and shitty days.  There’s good in every day and there’s shit in every day.

This afternoon my hands are as stiff as anything, couldn’t swallow my donut properly which is an every day occurance, and at 5:00 I’m ready for bed.  (I’m ready for bed every day by 5:00.  MS fatigue is brutal).  BUT, I rode four miles and gave four dogs a bath.  It’s a great day.

Pug you ms!
Pug you ms!
Pug(gle) you ms!

I read something yesterday that basically said, “it’s okay to be enthusiastic over everything and to ignore the naysayers”.  It’s the only way to live. 

We all have issues.  Life is hard.  Life is hard when you’re healthy and it’s hard when you’re not.  Doing what we love to do is key.  If we can’t do what we love to do anymore, we find something else.  I can’t walk very well but I can ride my bicycle. I’m fortunate to have the ability and the passion to do that and to continue working out and of course my dogs.

Speaking of dogs, I officially adopted my foster dog Bailey yesterday and I am so happy!  She just fit in from day one.

Bailey Boo

With my MRI and Neuro appointment coming up in the next couple of weeks it’s always nerve wracking.  Will there be new lesions on my brain?  Spine?  Will my physical exam be the same as it was six months ago?  

I’m not the same as I was six months ago.

If MS has taught me one thing, it’s taught me to truly live in the moment, and to try turning negatives into positives.

In the meantime, I’m going to ride on!


3 thoughts on “Great Days, Good Days, & Shitty Days

  1. Kathy Lewis Reply

    Karen you are so right about finding something you love to do..and once you can’t do that anymore, find something else. I keep you and Grandogma on my prayers..but I’ll send some extra your way. Strength, positivity, and comfort as well. Thank you for your honesty..thank you for sharing your life, good things and not so good things..and for sharing your wondergul fur babies through the years. I just wztched Sir Leo’s “My Way” video…and to see him again…to see Luka Love again..and Phebes again..and a young Quinnie!! Eyes leaked, but I was smiling..still am..thank you!! Hugs for you and Grandogma.

  2. Sandra Dickert Reply

    It was good to hear from you. I am so sorry you are going through such a hard time with your MS, plus your mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. Been thinking about you both and your dogs over the last several months.

  3. Christi Kight Reply

    You are such an inspiration, Karen. You touch so many lives by sharing your experiences and I thank you for that. Love you with all my heart <3

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