Dear Multiple Sclerosis

Dear Multiple Sclerosis, 

You’re really getting on my nerves today. Literally. I’m tired of being tired regardless of how many hours I’ve slept.  I’m tired of never feeling not tired.  I’m so tired of my stiff and burning arms and hands.  I’m tired of you stealing my once very healthy body.  No matter how hard I try to get it back, it’s gone.  I’m tired of you damaging my brain making it difficult and depressing at times to remember, concentrate, or multitask.

I’m tired of the mood swings you cause. Normally optimistic, boy can you bring a girl down.

I’m tired of having a numb face, neck, and leg.  I’m tired of worrying am I going to choke while eating my favorite food. 

I’m tired of the medical tests and appointments to see what you’re up to.  I’m tired of the enormous expense they incur and the stress they cause. 

I’m even tired of trying to explain how relentless and evil you are to others. 

I’m tired of not being able to walk all of my dogs every day like I used to.

Two weeks ago (ish). I love taking my dogs out and they love it even more.

I ask myself what did I ever do to be sentenced to life with you.  

I wouldn’t wish you….a life sentence….with no remission and no cure….on anyone. 

I’m just tired of you today. 

Tomorrow I will get up and try my hardest to be positive and not think about you, although you have a way of making that impossible.  I will try. 


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  1. Kathy Lewis Reply

    Pug you MS!! Karen I agree..amd doing your best to find positivity and goodness wherever you can is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself..and you do it every day. Keeping you and yours in my prayers every day. Sending strength and focus..and hugs too.❤❤😊

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