Dizzy Human, Hungry Dogs

This morning I woke up and everything was spinning.  “Dizzy” and unbalanced. This is nothing new.  I left the gym twice this week because I was really dizzy.  Lifting weights when everything around you is spinning is a little challenging, lol.  Yes, I laugh….I have to!
A friend kindly suggested I may find a cooling device helpful.  When you have ms if your core body temperature rises even slightly, it’s more difficult for the nerves that have been damaged to work properly.  Think of an electrical wire that has been damaged and you still try to use it.  If you’ve ever put black electrical tape on a wire and hoped for the best, that’s kind of the thought when doing anything in the heat when you have ms.  Naturally working out increases body temperature. I did order a cooling device, a great idea that I never thought of.

Only this morning I woke up in a nicely cooled air conditioned room. 
Balancing myself to walk to turn on the coffee pot, priorities!  And of course to put the dogs out holding on to the door knob as my surroundings and my head swirls.  MS has a way of giving you skills you never imagined. 

Just another invisible symptom unless you’re losing your balance then it may be visible.

I don’t know why this is worsening.  Obvious causes would include medication, however, that’s been ruled out. I read it can be because of an existing lesion increasing in size or a new lesion.  I’m thinking the lesion on my brainstem (pons) but of course I don’t know for sure.  I don’t panic anymore.  There’s really nothing that can be done.  If it is a new lesion or relapse, steroids may be prescribed but will only shorten the relapse not cure.  Steroids are great and not so great.  (That’s another post).
Funny thing though, speaking of steroids, years ago when I was searching for a diagnosis, going to Doctor after Doctor, my primary care Doctor….the only Doctor that was willing to listen and perhaps go out on a limb, prescribed steroids and I felt better.  I loved steroids!  Imagine that!  Now I know why. 

Off to feed the dogs.  I may be dizzy but they’re hungry!

Always looking for more!

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