What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Skinnier

Last Thursday (ten days ago) I started having abdominal pain.  It was a pain I was all too familiar with.  It can’t be, I thought to myself.  Sunday the pain was gone!  I went for a bicycle ride.  It was a great day!  I came home and made yet another protein shake….everything in it.  The logical voice in my head whispered maybe you should skip it.  I didn’t listen.  

Monday the pain came back….comes and goes in waves and when it comes it’s bad.  Really bad.  Worried but knowing from past experience if I can go to the bathroom, although not completely normal…(sorry tmi but so important to know), I don’t have to panic yet.  This continued until Thursday when I couldn’t go to the bathroom or pass gas and by this time not only was the pain excruciating, I was so nauseous.

I had seen a Doctor on Wednesday.  Funny thing, I hadn’t seen a Doctor in nearly six years with the exception of my MS Neurologist.  Work out and eat healthy and see what happens!  Truth be told I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to know.  Isn’t Multiple Sclerosis enough? The pain was still bearable. 

Well, let me tell you, a small bowel obstruction is life threatening and it feels life threatening. 

I’m used to living in pain from Multiple Sclerosis.  I also tend to blame everything on ms too. This wasn’t ms and I have to tell you this pain is the worst pain I have ever experienced. 

Back to Thursday.  I called a GI doctor I had seen years ago many, many times.  4:30 appointment.  I arrived at 3:30 desperate.  He examined me and ordered x-rays STAT.  

Another small bowel obstruction. 

I have had too many sbo’s, needing ng-tubes, gi tubes, and surgeries.  (Glamorous I know)!  Any time you have surgery, you’re at risk for adhesions aka scar tissue and scar tissue can cause obstructions.  I haven’t had one in seven years and thought I’d never survive another. 

The suspected culprit this time according to the Gastroenterologist:  diet! The shakes I’ve been making were too much.  Bananas, spinach, blueberries, avacados….you name it.  It all went in the blender along with the whey protein powder.  Too much of anything isn’t healthy.  Even too much of healthy food.  

There IS such a thing as too much fiber. 

I was so desperate to gain weight in order to gain muscle that I almost killed myself.  

Ironically, what started out as an effort to gain weight has ended in weight loss, still on a liquid diet today.

It could have been much worse. 


2 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Skinnier

  1. Kathy Lewis Reply

    You just made me think…I am a BIG fan of a specific loose leaf green tea. I must drink 48 ounces a day…it is flavored with bergamot and has lavender flowers in it….and it really does have a calming effect on the spirit and usually the digestive system. And..it’s green tea…a natural anti oxidant…flushes toxins out of your system…healthy stuff, right???? No milk or sugar..or artificial sweetener..so I tell myself I am helping myself..every ounce I drink, right???? Lately though, I have had moderate cramping the day after I drink more than usual…maybe too much of a good thing is not as good as it would seem!!!! Thanks for the insight…thanks for sharing your struggles and thanks for your honesty. I am gonna lay off it for a while..drink more plain water.. And see if it helps. Also going in for a check up next month..so I’ll talk to my doctor then. Thank you Karen…blessings for you and your fur babies and Grandogma too!!😊😊💖💖

  2. Jen Burris Reply

    I’m so glad you are okay. That would be so scary! I’m so sorry you have had to go through so much. So much stress. It’s so hard to know, sometimes what to do to stay healthy. I, myself have had a TON of surgeries, related to my gut. I had ulcerative colitis, and by the time I had to have a completely colectomy (removal of my entire colon), I was so sick, and had lost so much weight, (I am five foot seven, and at that point weighed less than 80 pounds!!!), and so much blood that my GI said I would die within weeks if I didn’t have my colon completely removed. He then instructed me that I had to eat eat eat and eat more in order to reach 120 lbs. It took me six years to get to that weight. But that’s partly because a year later, I had to have three emergency surgeries because of a blockage. They thought I had had a bowel rupture. Thankfully, I did not, but it still required surgery. So, here I am fifteen years later, and still have occasional gut issues. But I’m alive, and that’s what matters!!

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