Morkies Rule, Pugs Drool: In This House

A Morkie is a crossbreed or “designer breed” between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese originating in the United States in the 1990’s.  

Why do Morkies Rule? It’s a joke here in a home full of Pugs and Puggles although Ms. T, a Morkie is very well respected by all of the Pugs.

Morkies are CUTE!  

While some Morkies may be on the independent side, they LOVE their person, are very affectionate, sweet and loyal. 

They are very intelligent and SENSITIVE to everything and everyone. 

While Morkies are small dogs, considered a “toy breed”, they make wonderful watch dogs, alerting you to anyone who may be nearby, taking the role very seriously.  (While the Pugs sleep).  Morkies may tend to be a bit on the yappy side but will listen when told to stop.

Drastically opposite from a Pug, Morkies do not shed much if at all.  They do need to be brushed/groomed regularly to prevent knots and mats that form very easily. 

Small or not, they love to go for walks!  Jumping for joy at the sight of the leash. I have never seen a Pug jump for anything!  Well, maybe food. When Ms. Tallulah has had enough walking she will look up at me to tell me and home we go.  Morkies are very communicative. 

Morkies range in color from black, white and tan.  
Morkies are small healthy dogs in general.  As puppies they may suffer from hypoglycemia which Ms. Tallulah did.  Tested for every possible cause including a liver shunt, it was determined to be idiopathic hypoglycemia.  (Small dog).   Ms. Tallulah outgrew it thankfully as she put on weight and grew older.
Tracheal collapse is common in Morkies.  Ms. Tallulah has a somewhat collapsed trachea diagnosed years ago and it only acts up when she gets overexcited or certain exercise.  Trachea issues are very common in Pugs also.  Reverse sneezing is common in Morkies as well as Pugs.

Morkies have a silly playful side that fills your heart with joy. 

Recently under the weather and Ms. Tallulah sensing it, looking up at me with those intuitive eyes.  You can’t fake being well to a dog! Certainly not Tallulah. They just know.

Because of the invisible nature of our illness, there is a saying amongst people who have ms….”we’re not faking being ill. We’re faking being well”.

A real best girl friend this Morkie is to me and has been for eleven years.

So while all dogs are created equal, in this house Morkies rule, Pugs drool and Multiple Sclerosis who?

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  1. Jen Burris Reply

    So cute!! Nothing beats the love of a pup! Morkies are adorable!! Especially Tallulah!

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