Hazy, Hot, & Humid & MS

Summer time is usually thought of as a great time of year for many.  Vacations, picnics, swimming pools, the beach.  

Oh, how I miss the beach!  From childhood to my mid forties I was always at the beach.  As a young Mom, my Mom would watch my son so I could go to the beach one day a week.  The beach, not far from my home was my escape from everything.  The hot Summer sun, the ocean, alternating between Gatorade and French vanilla coffee, writing in my journal, and listening to music.  I also spent many weekends at the Jersey shore with friends.  Parties, dancing, nightclubs/bars on the beach, and tanning. I loved Summer!

Around the same time I became unwell, I all of a sudden couldn’t take the heat anymore.  AT ALL.  My family couldn’t believe it.  “You used to love the heat”, I heard over and over again. A sun worshiper no more. 
The hot weather made me sick.   Literally. It still does.  It makes me really stiff and I have difficulty moving my hands.  My legs just don’t want to work.  I must have tripped over nothing at least four times this week outside.  The heat makes me lose my balance.  My forbidden flip flops don’t help but it’s so hard to part with them completely. All I could think of was did anyone see me?  Then I thought I don’t care!  Okay, I care. 

This morning I was determined to go for a walk if not cycling.  It only took one minute outside to sqash that. Also feeling guilty that I won’t be able to walk my dogs although they can’t take the heat either.

We go when we can.

It is said that heat and/or humidity worsens ms symptoms because the myelin (nerve covering) in our brains and spinal cords that has already been destroyed by Multiple Sclerosis, works even less efficiently.  Kind of like when my air conditioning is on and the food in the microwave doesn’t get hot.  (Old electrical but you get the point?!?). 

Some of us have cooling devices such as a vest or neck wraps.  Some of us just hibernate in the air conditioning until Fall.  

I wish more people understood what the heat does to our central nervous system. If I say I can’t go, I can’t go.  It’s not because I don’t want to go.  I’d much rather be outdoors enjoying the Summer the way I used to.

Although, we may not be able to attend outdoor events, it’s always nice to be invited. ♡

Thanks for reading.


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