Old Puggle Love

Before you go, feed us first 

And leave some water so we don’t die of thirst 

Calm and mellow 

Food makes us happy 

While the youngins are yappy

I lost weight eating kibbles & carrots 

Half my teeth too

Still devouring food like a shark

It’s the only time I feel the need to bark

I gained weight 

Treating my disease 

Feed me more please!?

Diabetic health?
I’ll open the cabinet

And find my own wealth 

A bath and a combing 

We don’t fuss

And even if we did

We’re loved for being us

Comfy on the couch 

All snuggly puggly 

We can cheer the grouchiest grouch

In and out

A walk or a ride 

Or if ms shatters a day 

We let it slide 

We’re so funny and smart

Loved with all our human’s heart

We’re so easy to please 

Old and sweet 

So thankful we could meet 

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Old Puggle Love

  1. Jen Burris Reply

    Such sweet puggle babies <3 I'm so glad you have them to help you battle your MS

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