My Dog Is A Better Patient Than Me

1)  He hates taking his medication. So do I.

2)  He keeps going when he shouldn’t.  So do I. 

3)  He’s a great patient who never complains. So am I.  Oh, who am I kidding!  However, in my defense, no one tells you when you’re diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (or prms) that there’s not much a Doctor can do for you and how frustrating it can be.  (Unless that is, if you want to take a drug for every symptom).

Which leads me to:
4) My dog was prescribed gabapentin.  So was I.  Gabapentin made us both coo coo!

5)  He loves his wheels. He owns his ride! Unlike myself, the once frightening thought of wheels is slowly becoming an acceptable reality.  Actually, it’s not so frightening anymore.  There’s much worse things than being in a wheelchair…truly.  Like losing the ability to use your hands too.  I think about being able to find a gym that’s handicapped accessible. Yes, I think about that all the time.

Life is better when you laugh and easier when you’re prepared. 

In all seriousness, I’m beginning to realize that these assistive devices will make life easier. That’s not to say I need these all of the time presently, but if and when I do, I’m all for making life easier. For instance, I realized HOW MUCH EASIER it is to walk with an assistive device vs not. Whatever gets you out there and enjoying life!

6)  Pugs are notoriously heat intolerant.   So am I! Most people who have ms are. The N.Y.C. heat and humidity can turn me into a sit down before you fall down, leg cramping, stiff and extremely fatigued old lady who wants to hibernate in the air conditioning until September. The dogs are happy just to be out regardless. Early morning and evening walks beat the heat.

7)  My dog/dogs live one day at a time enjoying each day.  For the most part I live this way. Amazing to watch the progress Pabs made since his FHO surgery….so go with the flow.

Dogs teach us not to worry about tomorrow which is sometimes difficult when you have a chronic illness.  They handle illnesses (and surgeries) like the brave little champions they are.  

I aspire to be as adapting to life’s challenges as my dogs are. 

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Jen Burris Reply

    You truly are an inspiration to me!! I have many chronic issues myself, and they are certainly not easy to live with. But yes, dogs are marvelous examples of how to take life on with cheer! Keep going strong, and give Pablo and all of your furbabies kisses for me.

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