10 Fun Pug Facts

1). What’s not to love?  Pugs are cute!  Some would say they’re so ugly they’re cute, and that curly tail!  

2). Pugs were bred as companion dogs for royalty, even considered the royal dog in China at one time. The breed is officially known as the”Chinese Pug”.

3). They’re loyal and loving friends.

4). Pugs are gentle in nature making them wonderful family dogs. 

Buddy, the “thickest” Pug I’ve ever met and loved.

5). All of my Pugs past and present have been dog friendly.

6). They’re very versatile. Pugs enjoy walks and going places, yet they’re also down for chilling on the sofa.  

7). Pugs are very sensitive and intuitive.  

8). They make you laugh on a daily basis! 

During the time Papa was nearing the end, I had a major ms relapse. I’ll never forget the both of us with our eyes rolling. His from a probable brain tumor and mine from a brain stem lesion, Multiple Sclerosis. (PRMS)

9). A group of Pugs is called a grumble.

10). There’s nothing like the love and companionship of an old friend called Pug.

I can’t imagine living with and fighting Multiple Sclerosis without my dogs. Quinnie in particular, my first Pug and best friend of nearly twelve years, by my side before and after diagnosis. 

Thanks for reading.


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