PPMS: Thoughts

Arms are burning 

Legs are weak 

Some days living feels like swimming upstream 

Wish it were a dream

Feels like I’m gonna drown

Trying not to let it get me down

Doing my best to smile and hold my head up high


Life changes so quickly 

One minute you’re running 

And the next you can’t walk

And too tired to talk

Remembering last year 

When walking was something I didn’t fear

Why not another treatment to approve 

Stiffer and stiffer and more difficult to move 

Study after study of myelin repair

It worked on the mice


They say if I pray I’ll be healed

I pray

I believe

I grieve

I’m not healed 

Is it yet to be revealed 

Or is fate already sealed

Oh, and no, it’s not lyme

We need a cure, it’s time

Thank you for reading.

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