Dear Quinnie: A Love Letter To My Dog

Dear Quinnie, 
Tomorrow you will be twelve years old.  I can’t believe twelve years have gone by so quickly and yet at times painfully slow for the both of us. I hope you know how much joy and love you’ve brought me and continue to bring me.  

I remember the day I brought you home.  Having had big dogs my entire life, I had always wanted a small dog.  The funny thing is, I wanted a “big small dog”. I just fell in love with you.  While you never grew into a “big thick Pug”, your personality, smile, and heart are as big as the sky. Your presence illuminates this home and my heart. There’s a certain comfort that comes with knowing and loving a dog for as long as I know and love you.

You immediately friended your Pit Bull brother and furry siblings, always watching out for them, even becoming bossy….affectionately earning you the nickname Bossman. 

You were and are a wonderful friend Quinnie!  

I watched you mourn your best friend Luka and there was nothing I could do. 

How could a mere human heal a dog’s broken heart?
You’ve helped heal mine more than once Quinnie. I’m so happy you’re happy again.

You’ve never met a human you didn’t love either.

I’ll never forget you staying by my side, sitting on the couch next to me for over a year when I was sick and I (or anyone) didn’t know what was wrong.  I knew something was very wrong and I think you knew too. 

Selfishly, you remind me of life before Multiple Sclerosis.  Everything seems so different now compared to then….everything is different. You make ms a lot easier to deal with Quinnie.  You make every single day better.  You’re a beautiful constant in this ever changing life with ms.

Life is not without challenges for any of us including you Quinnie and you handle(d) yours with a Quinnie smile.

Three life threatening bladder obstructions, stones, and even MRSA, the battle you fought and won.

Twelve hours after surgery. (As if nothing happened).

Grueling appointments, tests, and catheterizations. 

“It” left you incontinent and I have never regretted changing one “diaper” in all of these years. I would do anything for you Quinnie.  You do more for me than I could ever do for you. 

And oh, those baths! You take your baths like a champ. 

Oh that food! You’ve been eating that same bland (urinary) Rx food gratefully for years and never complain.  Although, you do wander over to Tallulah’s bowl every morning and patiently wait for any leftovers.  I see you!
Speaking of Tallulah, she loves you Quinnie.

You not only put up with the youngins who can be a lot at times, you’ve been so good to/with them.  That’s you! They have rekindled your bossy spirit and your eyes shine again. You were born to be a boss!

And let’s not forget who wore the muscle shirt first!

On the way to the hospital.

You are very quirky Quinnie and always make me laugh.

You’re also kind, friendly, cheerful, accepting, and much smarter than you’re given credit for. You are so much more than “just a dog” to me.

Thank you for twelve years of friendship, trust, companionship, and so much more.  I love you Quinnie.  

Happy Birthday Quinnie!

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Jen Burris Reply

    So sweet. He is just way too cute! I always love seeing his sweet smile!

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