I Promise, Promise.

Dear Promise,

Five years ago today I took a ride to Brooklyn, N.Y. to meet you after seeing you pop up on my screen.

♡ Mugshot ♡

A Puggle! I had never known a Puggle. Our beloved Leo had just recently passed and you needed a home and although we didn’t know it, we needed you. Your name was Portia and you were just beautiful.  You still are!  You jumped in my car and we never looked back. So excited, I remember calling a Pug friend on the way home and telling them all about you and all they could say was, “she isn’t a Pug”. What???!!! She’s perfect!!!

Five years ago today.

You had just had a dental and you were on antibiotics for your mouth.  Who would have known that eventually you would need half of your teeth extracted due to stomatitis?  We tried everything from wax treatments, cleanings, topical treatments, more antibiotics, and finally the extractions. Thankfully that worked. You were pain free. I’ll never forget the Veterinarian handing me a little bag of teeth including a k9 that I’ve saved to this day.

You’ve been through so much with your little mouth and you never stopped eating.  Never! Oh, how you love food!  I have never seen a dog love food as much as you.  You’re a pro at stealing it too, especially from your Grandma whom you adore and the feeling is mutual. 


If you could talk you’d probably say, “nothing personal, this is strictly business”.  

You had a new name now.  Promise. 

I promised you this home, your third, was forever and that’s how you became Promise.  

Quinnie showing you around.

Low maintenance, quiet, and loving…that’s you. You were meant to be here.  

You’ve come a long way Prom. Going from forty three pounds to twenty eight pounds after the Veterinarian saying you were obese. Obese?!? Okay, from one girl to another, you were overweight which started the green bean and kibble diet. You loved your green beans although if given a choice, you would have chosen bananas! Me too!

You love car rides and walks too. 

You may not talk, however, those eyes of yours tell me everything I need to know.  You’ve mastered the eye roll!  Your eyes tell me when you’re annoyed, when you’re happy, and of course hungry. 

Or, when you have to potty after just coming in for the gazillionth time and I’ve just sat down….and your eyes say, “sorry, too bad!  Open the door”!

You are a beautiful, and calming presence in my life Promise.  My “team member” who helped me raise over $2300.00 for Multiple Sclerosis.  Imagine that! And later on together we won a $500.00 Petco Foundation contest giving it to your rescue. 

I’m so happy that you’ve learned not to be a pushover and not immediately run when one of the other dogs wants your spot because even sweet, quiet, and gentle girls have to learn to be assertive.   And the spot on my bed….that spot is yours….every night….forever. 

Although you’re a little whiter in the face now and a little slower, you’re loved more than ever.

Happy 5th Gotcha Day Promise!  And, because everyone should have a birthday, Happy 11th Birthday! 

I love you Prom.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Jen Burris Reply

    I’m so glad you brought her home and gave her a loving furever home! She’s such a sweetheart and I just love keeping up with her and your other precious furbabies on Facebook! Much love to all of you!

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