Giving Thanks In The Face Of Adversity

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I asked seven inspiring people who overcome adversity each and every day what they’re grateful for.

Helen Ann lives with ankylosing spondylitis, a painful, chronic inflammatory condition. “I’m most grateful for every day that I’m able to open my eyes and move. This past September I lost my Mom after ten years of Alzheimer’s Disease. My Mom was the only living blood relative I had. I went through a rough time…the poor me’s… however, I pulled myself out of it and I kept going. Mom would want it that way. My passion is cooking and we have many elderly shut in residents in our area that I check on. I make sure they have cooked meals and I do wellness checks. Being in the mountains of NH, Winters are pretty harsh but we deliver the food. Sometimes it’s their only meal for the day. There is no time for the “poor me’s”.

Helen Ann

James Velez who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016: “I’m grateful for my sense of humor”.

James Velez
Thirsty Pirates drummer

Kyle Witter lives with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. “I am grateful for family and friends. If it hadn’t been for the outpouring of love and support given to me during these past two years, it would have been hell. Very humbling to say the least”.

Kyle’s walk ms team

Edward McKenna, a three time heart attack and lung cancer survivor: “I refuse to feel sorry for myself and I’m truly grateful for that. I’m grateful for the people who inspire me. I’m grateful for the true friends I have and I’m grateful for the strength the Lord has instilled in me”.

Edward doing well today.

Shad Andreus Smith lives with Multiple Sclerosis. “I’m grateful for my dog, my best friend, Shomer”.

🐾Shom from “Shad and Shomer Who Saved Who” (FB)🐾

Scott Davies, an Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Survivor. “I’m most grateful for the medical treatment I’ve had including a HSCT in 2016 and CAR T-cell therapy in the Summer of 2018 that has saved my life. I’m still in remission”.

Scott still cycles and hits the gym regularly.

John Barksley, living with Multiple Sclerosis: “I’m grateful for faith, family, and friends like my friend in this photo who I met at an MS informational dinner. I’m also thankful for good books, good music, great smiles, and goofie laughs”.

John Barksley

Small seeds of gratitude will produce a harvest of hope”.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading.

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