Healing? Not Healing?

I wanted to write about healing today because recently I’ve been seeing and reading a lot about healing, lack of healing, and blame.  I felt compelled to share with you my humble belief that you are no less of a human being whatever your beliefs may be, if you’re not in good health. Everyone is worthy and deserving of good health and poor health does not define you, nor does it define your faith and personal beliefs. 

The fact is (stated by medical professionals), that when people are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or another life changing illness, they tend to blame themselves.  We scrupulously look back at what we could have done to have caused this?  This is very common especially when newly diagnosed.  I’ll never forget my Neurologist telling me, “this is not your fault” the day I was diagnosed.  I thought to myself, I know!  Then I thought, does he tell everyone that?  Later down the road I would revisit that thought and wonder what caused this.  I would also learn that he does tell everyone that.  The truth is, no one knows what causes ms.  Science doesn’t know.  If we knew what caused these diseases we would have cures.  The last thing we need to do is subject ourselves to ignorance and judgment. 

There are (perhaps well meaning) people claiming that if you are a Christian and you are not healed, it’s because you don’t truly believe and insinuating that their faith is superior to yours.

Nothing could be further than the truth. 

I read where some are taking medication for their illness and claim to be healed, which begs the question, can you be healed and still need medication?  Or, others have changed their lifestyle and now that the poor lifestyle choices are improved they feel noticeably better.  Is that healing via a miracle?  Or, has the lifestyle change improved their health?  I suppose it’s open for interpretation and worth taking into consideration. 

Interpretation is important.

A couple of months ago I heard from different people of different faiths, many with different illnesses/diseases that have not been healed. Telling someone that they’re not healed because they don’t believe is anything but Christian and in fact contradictory.  

I remember when my Dad, a  devout Catholic was living with cancer and how he went to healing Mass after healing Mass.  Did he pass from cancer because he didn’t believe?  No. Frankly, none of us are here on earth forever and death is a natural part of life.  Sickness and suffering are often part of both life and death. 

Or, my brother who is a devout born again Christian for thirty plus years, knows the Bible inside and out and practices it.  Can he not get up and walk because he doesn’t believe?  Absolutely not.

Unfortunately, sometimes (well meaning) Christianity (and interpretations of it) morphs into a business model designed to draw people in, buy what they’re selling, and subsequently sending them into a downward spiral when they’re not healed.  I’ve seen it.  Thankfully, this is not the norm, although it demands distinguishing from the norm. 

We are all worthy of good health and healing.  

All of us have a purpose in life and perhaps a purpose for our pain….one purposeful step at a time.


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  1. Thomas J. Thiel Reply

    Interesting read K. This seems to be a problem throughout America. A pill cures everything. Seems commercials have convinced people there is ALWAYS something wrong and we need to talk to our doctors. Thanks for posting. T

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