Thinking About A Puppy?

Puppies!  Who doesn’t love a tiny little furry being?  Puppy breath!  As someone who has always loved senior dogs, having a puppy was a BIG change for me.  Senior dogs are so very special and our time with them is often short, whereas a puppy is expected to be with us for the next ten to fifteen years depending on the breed.  

Bringing home a puppy, a new family member, is so exciting!  It’s also A LOT of work.  Work that is worth it of course but work nonetheless.  A LOT of work.  Did I say that already?  

Teething:  puppies teeth!  Teething hurts!  While puppies are teething they chew….EVERYTHING.  Take for instance my leather sofa with a brand new hole!  Shoes!  Or eyeglasses!  Puppies teeth (losing their baby teeth) up until about six months of age when their adult teeth should have grown in.  

Food:  puppies eat three to four times a day.  

Vaccines:  puppies need regular Veterinarian appointments.  Vaccinations, poop checks, and spaying and neutering if you choose to do so.

Dog license:  puppies need to be licensed.

Supervision:  unlike most senior dogs who enjoy a day on the sofa sleeping, puppies need constant supervision.  EVERYTHING is inviting to a puppy! They’re not couch potatoes!

Exercise:  puppies have a lot of energy and want to use it.  Play, play, play!  So much fun!  Unless you’re not feeling well….too bad!

Training:  puppies need training.  GOOD BOY!  NO!  NO!  NO!  

Potty training:  potty training is not fun!  Standing outside in the freezing cold or the blistering heat waiting for a deposit is not fun.  It takes a lot of time, repetition, and patience.  Even with the existing scent (& seeing it firsthand) of my other dogs, it took months.  

Double trouble:  thinking about two pups? A LOT fun and A LOT of work times two!  Again, so worth it and truly amazing to watch a very special friendship and bond form from the beginning. That being said, would I do it again?  Probably not!  

A little over a year later and the teeth are grown in, meals are twice a day, potty training is FINALLY over, the energy levels have decreased, the sleeping on the sofa has increased, the chewing has stopped except for the rare occasion, and yes, it was all worth it. I’m looking forward to the next ten to fifteen years with these furry little loving and loyal beings.

Senior dogs may be sweeter, however, they were young once too.


3 thoughts on “Thinking About A Puppy?

  1. Thomas J. Thiel Reply

    I will pass this along to my cousins who are thinking of getting another dog. Good work kiddo.

  2. Jen Burris Reply

    Awww, I love Pablo and Marvin! They are so cute. We’ve never had more than one puppy at a time, and we have had three puppies in the course of our pet-raising. Our current puppy, Noodles is now 16 months, but still super mischievous. I love him like crazy, even when he decides to “borrow” my shoes. Lots of work, but lots of love in return! I’m so glad your furbabies have you!

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