The Forgotten Friend

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the saying, “going into 2020 with my eyes wide open….2020 vision”.  I was S I N G I N’ this!

I’ve been struggling dealing with selfish people who are not supportive.  Seems everyone is preoccupied with themselves, making no time to check in.  We all have “stuff” going on but we should never be too busy for a friend or family member. What’s sad is, these people should seemingly have an abundance of gratitude and want to share it and express it.  They’re healthy. Their family is healthy. They make good money. Nice home, etc. Go figure.

Feeling bitter I decided I was going to stop supporting people who don’t support me until I remembered when we walk around bitter we become bitter. Been there done that so I put my 2020 👀👀 glasses away.

However, this morning I watched a youtube video from someone I’ve been following for quite a while.  He has Progressive Multiple Sclerosis also.  It was New Year’s Eve and he was home sitting in his wheelchair alone, visibly upset and naturally it was depressing.  “No one wants to be with a cripple”, he said.  His “good” friend took off to go out and left him.  I felt so bad and I know the feeling. Unfortunately, this IS the way the world is.  Sick and disabled people are not valued the way they were when they were healthy.  Friends disappear and people start avoiding you.  It’s a very lonely journey for many.

Knowing you’re not alone helps.

Perhaps people assume we would be a burden to go out with. That’s not true. Or what to talk about? The same thing you talk about with everyone else.

No one is immune from Multiple Sclerosis.  It’s diagnosed at all ages from childhood to senior citizen and it can happen to anyone.  

There but for the grace of the go I”.

Even among people who are not disabled or ill, the bottom line is, we have become a very self centered and detached society.  No one checks on their neighbor anymore.  I read last week that 70% of people don’t even know their neighbor or have never talked to their neighbor.  Growing up we were an extended family, us neighbors. My block has changed dramatically and unfortunately it’s become rare that the neighbors talk. There’s still one or two left that we talk and help each other shovel snow but not like years ago.

If you know someone who isn’t well or homebound reach out to them.  Genuinely reach out to them.  Not the kind of reaching out that makes you feel better that we sometimes halfheartedly do.  You may be the only one who does.  

Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “The Forgotten Friend

  1. Tom Reply

    Happy New Year Karen You are one of the bravest people I know,,,and admire.

  2. Kim Diggs Reply

    Happy New Year Karen. I wish we lived closer. We live in a condo, and have become close with the neighbors in the 8 units in our building. VERY RARE these days! You’re right, people are so self-centered now. Just go to a buffet restaurant, and you find out real quick, especially when Parnell is with me, and we have to walk together, since he’s blind. People do NOT watch out for others. They bump into you, jump in front of you, etc. It’s extremely irritating! It’s like no one has manners anymore. I try very hard to not be that kind of person.

    • Pug You MS Post authorReply

      Thank you Kim and thank you for reading. Happy New Year to you and your family! Apologies for just replying now. You’re so right. I could never imagine you being anything but kind.♡

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