My Dear Old Dog

My dear old dog 

You bring me comfort and peace 

Your loyalty and love never cease

My faithful friend 

Time & again you’ve helped me mend

Never leaving my side

Wagging your tail & smiling wide

They say you’re just a dog

You’re so much more

A privilege & never a chore 

12 1/2 years, ups and downs 

Illness, hurricanes, & living in new towns  

On my lap you stayed 

Helping me when I was frayed

I hope I never took you for granted 

Because time sure flew

So many furry friends

You were always the glue 

Now your muzzle is gray

You no longer hear

I think what would I do without you 

And I find myself hoping for another year 

You’re so much more than a dog

Thank you for reading.

11 thoughts on “My Dear Old Dog

    • Kathy L. Reply

      Beautifully written Karen. Our Quinnie is a special “one-of-a-kind” fellow..and I keep you and him and Bailey Boo and Prommie in my prayers nightly. Love that smile.☺💙💗

  1. Krys McConville Reply

    Quinnie ❤️ I miss seeing your face everyday😢

  2. Jen Burris Reply

    I love Quinnie so much! He is such a sweet boy, and adds such a bright light to my days. I love his sassy attitude and the way he sings. I wish I could cuddle up with him. It’s always so hard when they get older. They bring so much joy to our lives. Give him love for me. He is such a treasure!

  3. Invisibly Me Reply

    Aw what a beautiful poem, I wish he could read it himself! I remember how tough it was when my dog got old but he was also very poorly. It wasn’t easy at all. I really hope there’s plenty more time yet with your lovely little pupster  ♥ xx

  4. Christi Kight Reply

    Love sweet Quinnie! May you both have many more years together ❤️

  5. Positively Alyssa Reply

    Oh my goodness your puppy is SO adorable!!! It is amazing the amount of emotional support animals have and how they love unconditionally!

  6. Donna Reply

    Prayers that you will have many more years together. Quinnie is a joy and he is strong. You both are. Take care and thank you for sharing your sweet baby with us.

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