Urgi-Care Visit During COVID-19 (Vaccinated With Multiple Sclerosis)

In ordinary times I avoid hospitals and Doctor’s offices as much as possible.  It’s no secret that hospitals are the worst place to be.  I remember my Doctor telling me that after surgery years ago.  “This is the worst place to be”.  Right before the COVID-19 crisis first began in the U.S.A. (I had been following China) I had dreaded taking my Mom to the Doctor and when she was hospitalized in February/March I wore a mask before it was cool.  Okay, it’s still not cool.

Yesterday I was putting the garbage out and I stepped on a rusty piece of metal.  Right through my sneaker into my foot.  Naturally it was bleeding and I immediately washed it and it didn’t look bad at all.  Very tiny puncture.  But it was rusty….

I sat down and debated if I should seek medical attention.  I hadn’t had a tetanus vaccine in over twenty years.  I pulled the metal out of the sneaker examining it looking for a reason not to seek medical attention.  I did not want to go especially now.

I decided to go to urgi care.  I explained it was only a TINY puncture and I was there for reassurance that it would be fine without any treatment.  I mentioned that I have Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and had heard vaccines can cause problems with an already screwed up immune system, possibly causing a relapse.   I know vaccines are controversial and I myself never even get a flu shot.

“It shouldn’t be a problem”. 

From what I understand the concern is when someone who has ms and is on a disease modifying drug takes a vaccine (particularly a live vaccine) that may seriously compromise their health.  For instance, the flu nasal vaccine is not recommended for people who have ms and are on a disease modifying drug. I’m no expert and hoped to never have to think about it.

Much to my dismay it was strongly recommended that I have a tetanus vaccine.  Superstrong antibiotics too.  For this I asked???  This turned out to be two puncture wounds and tiny pieces of metal had to be removed. 

All of a sudden tetanus was more likely than COVID-19

What is tetanus? According to the Mayo Clinic tetanus is a potentially fatal bacterial infection that affects the nerves. A vaccine can prevent it but it has no cure.

Funny how we can be consumed with avoiding something and something altogether different comes our way. 

I’m tired. Dead tired.
My Brother died. 
My Mother died. 
My dog had an allergic reaction and needed emergency care. 
My toilet overflowed. 
I stepped on rusty metal. 

All in less than two months. As my Mom always said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I should feel like an ox.

For now I’m just continuing to put one sore foot in front of the other and hope for better times for all of us.  Regardless of what anyone says, this pandemic has been extremely difficult to live through. If we can channel our grief and pain into something positive it hurts a little less. 

I hope my experience helps someone else feel better about having to go to the hospital or Doctor during this time. I will say the urgicare seemed very organized so if you do need to seek medical treatment try not to be afraid and do take care of yourself.

So far no issues with the vaccine exasperating my ms.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. rachel Reply

    Prayers you have no adverse effects from the shot or meds and your foot heals quickly

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