Doing Something Is Better Than Doing Nothing

Funny thing about ms, the longer you have it and the more you research it, you realize that Doctors (& I really like my Dr) know whether you’re going to progress quickly or not.  They’ll never tell you that. According to several legit published sources, if you have lesions on your brainstem, cerebellum and spinal cord it’s more worrisome and a poor prognostic indicator as is being diagnosed later in life. 


Recently I had an mri and it was reported I had no new lesions.  After review it appears I do. I was under the impression I didn’t have any new lesions since diagnosis. (With the exception of a cervical spine lesion that was questionable on last year’s mri and confirmed this year). I have an upcoming appointment to discuss.

What a joke I think to myself. So much for the theory that inflammation/relapses are very uncommon after age fifty something.


This disease has insidiously taken away so much. First, the ability to ride a bicycle which I loved and now recently I haven’t been able to jump rope for two weeks from the excruciating leg pain accompanied by the feeling that my legs are moving through cement. Walks are shorter and shorter.  The steps are harder and harder. Swallowing at times is a joke….rare thankfully but occurring enough to frighten me. Feeling like the floor is moving courtesy of a lesion on my cerebellum makes life interesting. That’s the thing, wherever a lesion is, it affects that part/function of your body. ie: the pons (brainstem) affects my swallowing among other things.

I think the cold weather is making it difficult because it’s never been this bad. I LOVE Winter!

Ironically, the heat isn’t good either. Where can I go I’ve half jokingly thought/said.

It’s a progressive f*cking disease. A disease that makes my whole body stiff, even my mouth as I sit here drinking my coffee and writing.  

What can you do, right?

Do whatever you CAN DO.

Because no matter how I feel, doing something is better than doing nothing. 

300 days working out at home. It has definitely helped immensely living with this disease.


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