Hope Is All We Have

Waiting for the vaccine 
Waiting and craving the return to “normal”

And even the mundane 

This is insane

In our homes for nearly a year 
Afraid of dying, afraid to go out 

Living in fear

Vaccine distribution slow if not nonexistent

Promises not kept

350,000 people gone

While loved ones helplessly wept

Hurting & hungry, six hundred dollars is dispersed 

Six hundred dollars?

And so they were cursed

Workin’ on that hill

They forgot about strugglin’ to pay a bill

Food lines hundreds deep

Elected, their job they keep 

Motivated by self gain
Others wrote books profiting from our pain

It’s a disgrace 

This place 

Right now

Hope is being able to see there is light despite all of the darkness”. Unknown.


5 thoughts on “Hope Is All We Have

  1. Alvilda Breeze Reply

    I am beyond sorry. It is like living in a horror movie. It is astounding how some leaders are handling it. Even in my country where we are very lucky. People just don’t behave.

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