Day 352

352 days working out at home. THREE HUNDRED FIFTY TWO DAYS! I remember my last gym visit so vividly. It was March 1st, 2020 and covid hadn’t really hit the U.S.A. yet. I had been following China and discussed it every day with a friend. I was afraid. I was never a germophobe or anything like that but it frightened me. I went to the gym that day wearing a mask. This was when no one was wearing masks yet. I remember someone breathing so heavy which isn’t unusual in the gym but I said to myself, I’m outta here. That was the last time I worked out at the gym. It was a personal choice. I had some dumbells and I picked up a couple of weights, watched youtube videos, and at home workouts it’s been. This machine I’m using, I picked up on Amazon for $260 right before the lock downs and it was a steal. Soon after anything and everything fitness was selling out and prices were being gauged. For instance, a pair of 5lb dumbells were going for $100 and up. I got lucky because the last time I looked this machine was going for over $360.

It’s certainly been a long 352 days. My Mom passed, my brother passed, my precious Puggle Bailey passed. Overwhelming loss and heartache.

I promised myself on day one I would keep up with my fitness no matter what and I have. I had come so far from the broken down, weak, fatigued, “victim” I had been and I never want to feel that way again.

That’s the thing about fitness. It’s not just physical. It’s so much more than that. When you focus on improving your physical health you can’t avoid evaluating and focusing on your emotional/mental and spiritual health/self. It truly is a journey.

Fitness has improved the debilitating pathological fatigue I had. At one point a Rx for Ritalin (which is sometimes used for ms fatigue) was discussed. I figured I’d try this first. Where as I used to get fatigued very early in the day, I don’t find myself fatigued until evening now. On days I don’t work out, I feel it. I have so much more energy now. It has also improved my mood and overall sense of well being.

I’ll never be a powerlifter as much as I’d like to be, and I’d really like to be, however, “you’re stronger than you’ve ever been” in my MS Neurologist’s words was music to my ears. Whether he was kindly repeating my words (lol) or he meant it, I choose to believe it! A far cry from a different MS Neurologist I seen a couple of years ago who picked up my arm and rudely said, “look at this” in disbelief. I was so thin and weak and his bedside manner sucked. I’ll never forget that. Maybe that motivated me, who knows.

A little of my at home workout from yesterday, day 352. (My legs are a little wobbly at times and they are my biggest challenge). The last thing I wanted to do after losing Bailey was work out but I did and I felt good afterwards.

I also achieved a personal record of 75 backward jumps jumping rope last week. Jumping rope is my favorite! I love it! It’s great cardio too.

Today I will look for a vaccine appointment and if none are available, hopefully they will be soon. I look forward to the day when I can look back on these past 352 days (and counting) and say, I survived.

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