Doing What We CAN do: Goals

When I first started jumping rope about two years ago I sucked to put it bluntly. Not only was it very difficult to lift my left foot (weak side/not much feeling) I was so uncoordinated! The reason I kept at it to be honest is because I needed to do some cardio. I can’t run and at the time I really couldn’t walk more than a couple of blocks. MS had already caused me to have to give up cycling. I had to do something and jump rope is fun! It makes me feel like a kid again. Besides being great cardio, it helps with coordination, spatial awareness, and most of all jumping rope has improved my endurance which has helped tremendously in all areas of every day life.

Talking to the Neurologist the other day, I was telling him about hitting my goal of 100 consecutive backward jumps. “WHAT? WAIT, WHAT? I HAVE TO WRITE THIS DOWN”. I guess if the professor of Neurology is surprised, dare I say shocked, I’m doing something right.

102 consecutive backward jumps

That’s the thing about setting goals. A goal is something to work toward. When we achieve it, it’s a sense of accomplishment and it makes us want to continue and set new goals. It’s an amazing feeling!

Now, 200 jumps! Well, maybe 150. Okay 125? Better to set realistic short term goals that are attainable.

If you notice, the very beginning…lifting my legs to jump one at a time is more challenging. Similar to running and cycling, lifting the legs is what gets me.

Finding something we CAN do and something we ENJOY doing is key.

Of course I still wish I could run and I have tried. I ran about a half a block with my dog Promise. She’s fast and much better at it than me! Thirteen years old!

I’m able to walk from the boardwalk to the ocean now and that’s progress. I haven’t done that in years because it takes a lot of effort (endurance) to walk in sand with dogs. I really enjoy it and the dogs do too.

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