Performance Of The Year

Like a well scripted play 

An ensemble cast of characters

Performing on stage every day

The self proclaimed star

The party avatar

Millions tuned in

To what appeared to be a political win

Behind closed doors

Preferential tests for him and his

Corruption it is

Matilda’s law lasted merely a day

Why, he didn’t say

Thousands were sentenced to death

Immunity deals brokered as they took their last breath 

An empty navy ship

Makeshift hospitals not used

Senior and disabled lives abused 

No hospital for them

Suffocated alone 

Orders from the governor’s throne

Charts and graphs 

Where victory was falsely proclaimed 

And the President was blamed

He decided who lived and who died 

Wrote a book while we cried

A victory poster too

Is there anything he wouldn’t do

15,000 + nursing home deaths

Four million dollar book deal

Zoom meeting revelations

Thousands of lives not counted 


Another lie

Did they not even matter dead

To the governor with a big head

More lies and deception 

Met with politically biased reception 

Calls for him to step down ignored 

Family members flawed

Ego on full display 

We will never forget this performance

We can only hope he will pay

Performance of the year goes to the governor of New York. Unlike the Emmy, this is well deserved.


2 thoughts on “Performance Of The Year

  1. Alvilda Breeze Reply

    What a tragedy for all concerned. What a year.

  2. Julia Burski Reply

    mind boggling what’s being allowed in this country. where is the outrage? too busy being pitted against one another.

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