What Disability?

I realized today I haven’t written in a couple of months. The last post was about having to stop cutting the grass. It turns out that was most likely a (delayed) reaction to the vaccine. My doctor said it wouldn’t have happened two weeks after, however, it takes two weeks to build immunity, no? Our immune systems are working hard building immunity and if we have an autoimmune disease…. The same thing happened after the second, a week later, only it was accompanied by restless legs syndrome aka Willis-Ekbom disease. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. It’s a gnawing creepy crawly feeling in the legs and the arms that started as soon I was about to fall asleep. The only thing that stopped it was getting up and moving and naturally no sleep occurred. I’d rather deal with pain any day over restless legs. Could it be a coincidence? It’s possible. While researching restless legs syndrome I read some literature that said restless legs can be a symptom of Parkinson’s. I also read that although it’s not common, Parkinson’s can be caused by ms. When/if ms lesions damage the part of the brain that affects dopamine. Being someone who has tremors this was interesting to me. I brought it up to my neurologist and he said, “I’m not ready to hand you another diagnosis”. I suppose I could interpret or misinterpret that. Anyway, thankfully, it subsided and I’m grateful to be fully vaccinated. I’m also grateful to have a landscaping company now. Every thing happens for a reason.

Three months ago this beautiful girl joined the family. Her name is Sammy or Sam. She’s paralyzed from a spinal injury (t-3 – l5) and let me tell you, it doesn’t stop her from doing anything! She’s full of life! She loves food like every good Puggle does and she loves her walks more than any dog I have ever seen love a walk. She motivates me to walk more! Do it for the dog! It is the ONLY time she really gets out after all. It’s not like she can go in and out like the other dogs. I must have walked more than I have ever walked these past three months and counting. I’m sure if she could talk, she’d say, “WHAT DISABILITY”!

After two months of antibiotics, she recovered from a staph infection which are very common in dogs that have to be expressed.

They’re also very common in humans who have any kind of spinal cord injury including multiple sclerosis. The reason being, we’re/they’re not capable of completely emptying our/their bladders. For this reason the Veterinarian said it will always be an issue with Sam. I’m fortunate to have a Veterinarian who has had a paralyzed dog.

Personally, I think everyone who has a disability could learn from a special dog. They teach us so much. They also provide structure, a routine, and for many people, a reason to keep on keeping on.

As far as multiple sclerosis goes, I’m doing well. Actually, I’m doing better than ever. I truly am. I have my days like everyone else, however, I really can’t complain. Compared to 2011 when it all started and again in 2017 when I had a major relapse (brainstem) I feel like a different person both physically and mentally. I continue to work out and at 55 years old, I feel stronger than ever. I eat whole foods. I’m studying away and recently became certified in personal training in addition to my life/recovery coaching certification. I’ll be speaking at the local hospital with/to a group of folks who are recovering from mental illness this Summer. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression over the years I’m really looking forward to it. Recovery is possible.

My life isn’t perfect but I’m enjoying it and that’s enough for me.

Some old lady progress. It’s never too late to feel better! Thanks for reading and take care.


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