Undone: The Angels Have Won

You’re going down you clown

Your brother too

Two creeps

From your veins corruption seeps

A far cry from the Q-tip days

And big pays

Who’s in isolation now

Not a friend in sight 

They don’t care about your well deserved plight

You lost, give up the fight

You were never right 

Made fun of family members 

Full of arrogance and indignation towards the accusations

Overnight sensation 

Power, sex, and greed 

Anything to succeed 

Broke your own law

Officials saw

Afraid of you, they said nothing 

Now you can feel their fear 

Now you can feel our pain

You did it all in vain for personal gain

Never acknowledging the deaths your order caused 

Your self interest never paused 

You thought you were an indestructible machine 

Now the Assembly will convene 

Vote to impeach 

You’re coming undone 

The Angels have won