Day 352 working out from home. Working out has improved my quality of life tenfold. Not only has it improved my strength and allows me to do more everyday things, it has really lessened the ms pathological fatigue I had suffered from every single day. Where I used to get fatigued very early in the day, I don’t find myself fatigued until evening now. I have so much more energy.

It has also improved my mood and overall sense of well being.

It was difficult in the beginning. I would go to the gym for ten minutes and leave. Gradually I went longer and longer and learned along the way. Everyone starts somewhere. No one knows what they’re doing in the beginning. Three years later I still have so much to learn.

As you can probably see here, my legs are wobbly. Standing still is challenging. I do what I can with them.

Can’t wait until I can hit the gym again!

Thank you for reading.

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